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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  August 21, 2009 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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it's real warm and humid here. joy is in for sharon and marty is over at first warning doppler radar. to say it's just humid is anen shut to the current weather. this is a day that will start to lose the humidity. stuffy this morning. we got to mention showers around this morning. and then through the noon all the way through to tomorrow maybe close to lunch, there will be a chance for heavy
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shower or a gusty thunderstorm. 88 for lunch and warm and on the way to 90. any backups on the day's start? here's joy at the wjz traffic control. we're finding an accident southbound 95 and 100. still pretty good there. a moderate roll on 795 to 95. averaging 55 miles an hour. clear southbound 895 to the harford tunnel. southbound 100, i'm not finding a delay. that is good news for the earlier accident reported. stay in your lane. back to you, don. here's what people are questioning this morning. was it heat exhaustion or something else. that's what people are asking after more than a dozen players collapsed during a football practice in queen anne's county. maker i didn't is live on this
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story again. >> reporter: good morning. high school varsity football players and the coaches were treated for heat exhaustion. but because so many of them fell i will at the very same time, a lot of people think it was something else. a chaotic scene on the football field at enisland high school. emergency workers rushed to their aid checking for signs of heat exhaustion. but it fosters another fear, an emergency medical team starts to check for the possibility that those sick were exposed to hazardous materials or any other materials. >> we don't have word of a hazmat or chemical issue. they look like they suffered from heat related symptoms. we're keeping our options open to make sure that we cover all of our basis. >> reporter: the team was on the field for less than an hour and their symptoms were consistent with heat exhaustion. >> i saw like 12 guys lined up
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there and they were on their knees throwing up and stuff. and all the ambulances came and everything. >> reporter: 12 players were taken to area hospitals and other hospitals were kept inside the school for observation. parents are not sure what to make of the situation. >> very concerning. so it's a bit scary. we don't know any information other than that right now. >> reporter: we hope to get more answers later today on what exactly made the players and the coaches sick. all were treated and released from the hospital. several workers in baltimore county are recovering after a carbon monoxide leak. it happened on the case packing warehouse in rossville. they called 911 after within worker collapsed. they were doing their be jobs and suddenly people started getting sick pgh >> he had a headache, a stomach ache. i was throwing up a little bit. >> the initial monitoring of the area reveal bad 300 parts
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per million of carbon monoxide that is ten times over the acceptable threshold. >> ten workers were hospitalled with mild to moderate carbon monoxide poisoning. the leak has been traced back to a propane powered forklift. an elderly man attacked by a white supremacist is waking up in his bed this morning and this after the police arrest two teens that took part in the attack. >> reporter: these are the faces of the biggest hate crime attacks that baltimore has seen in years. it happened early tuesday morning. zachary watson and 16-year-old emmanuel miller were both arrested at their homes last night. they were accompliced to alleged white -- supremacist
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calvin locknear. >> i think he played a big role in this. >> reporter: the police commissioner said it's unclear if the two teen accomplices were also motivated biracial hate difficult. but what is clear, is they had a role in the attack. >> there's a couple different accounts as to who did what even subtly as who drove the vehicle when it crashed. the version depends on you talk to. >> reporter: adolf hit letter appears to be and a -- an icon to locknear. he has a tattoo on his chest that says he lives. and he said that this would not have happened if the fisherman would have been a white man. this is a neighbor and friend of the 76-year-old victim and glad that all three suspects are in a city jail.
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>> i hope they get just what they deserve. >> reporter: all three suspects have a long list of criminal charges, including attempted murder and carjacking. locknear does have a significant wrap sheet we're told and spent much of this decade behind bars. mixed reaction to the release of the man convicted of the fatal bombing of pan am flight 103. abdel baset al-megrahi was released from a scottish prison after take being part in the 1988 bombing that killed 200 -- 270 people. the doctors say that he has terminal cancer and will only live a few more months. afghanistan people cast their votes yesterday. straight now both the president and his top challenger are
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declaring victory. but the official reports will not come out some time tomorrow at the earliest. investors are looking to ride three days of gain into the weekend. many recent reports suggest that the economy is continuing to rebound. but critics point out that they point to a drop in the asian markets and warning investors not to get ahead of theirselves. they say it is only creeping toward a recovery. japan's index did take a hit. but the london, french and german markets are showing gains as of this hour. hoping to put the brakes on a five game losing streak, the orioles come out swinging against the tampa bay raise last night. the raise would make it close at within point in the game. but the oriole was never lose the lead down the stream and win 8- -- down the stretch and
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win 8-7. see the birds in action saturday night at 7:00 right here on wjz 13. you know who i ran into last night? >> chris foils. >> i know he's in the area. >> i got to bring up a good picture. chris was a catcher of note for the baltimore orioles during the last great salad days. chris's and his wife have decided to come back here and make baltimore home. isn't that a cool thing. >> yes. i heard he was back in the area. >> they're back and permanent. and i invited him and the mrs. to come on coffee with. she's a cool jewelry designer. it was one of the most tasteful things that you have ever seen in your life. the more you look at it, you go
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are those baseball bats? we're going to have them come on. so give them a round of applause. he always knew that he had a home in baltimore. and now he has made baltimore home. it's a beautiful thing. take a look outside. it's a pretty morning. to say it's humid is just and insult to how humid it really is. take a look at the forecast for the day. that picture is way too pretty. through the take a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. any shower could be heavy and any thunderstorm gusty. we're not under any severe watches right now. but that protection -- projection center in north oklahoma keeps an eye on us. the doppler is showing shower activity in the west and moving toward the top of your tv but slowly but surely, step-by- step, inch by inch, it is
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moving toward baltimore and ultimately niagra falls. let's bring in mike at the russell street colosseum this morning. >> reporter: to say it was muggy is an -- insult to the current condition. you know about fun. the russell street coliseum is really cool at 6:00 in the morning. >> there's something about being in the ballpark when it's empty. >> reporter: it's. it's a different view completely. but it's cool. tonight it won't be full by any stretch but maybe 2,000 people down here because they are trying to appeal more to the members of the rookie club, the ravens rookies. we'll talk about it later on. there will be about two thought
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people showing up tonight. join us.
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6:15 and marty is walking around the first warning doppler radar weather center. it's an interesting morning. it's much prettier than it feels. it's a warm day and stuffy morning. it's almost 80 degrees. humidity is zeroing in on the mid-90s right now. as you look east shall it's nice and calm. let's go to the first warning doppler radar and you look west, we have shower activity, pressing pretty much southwest to northeast, following the mountains if you will. this is action breaking out ahead of this cold front that is moving our way. let's take a look at temperatures around. 78 degrees on tv hill, washington d.c. 79, 78 hagerstown, 79 elkton, 83 ocean
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city, 73 cumberland, 69 in oakland,p six in westminster, 78 columbia, 79 in annapolis, kent island. here's the action breaking out ahead of this new air mass. warm and humid unstable air over a multi-state region. this front now clears the eastern lakes. it's going to be less humid on sunday. insignificant chance of a thundershower. this category three storm bill still about a thousand miles from the chesapeake bay but 425 miles away from bermuda. tropical storm warnings up for the vacation island. today is the day bill is going to make the strong turn north and then northeast because of that front that moving thru your neighborhood later on this day. high of 90 and the front will
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bring us a chance of a thunderstorm or gusty rain showers. 72 overnight. tomorrow 82 we're mentioning heavy thunderstorms. i don't think the day is going to be a washout. but nicer later than earlier. sunday rain-free and in the mid- 80s. here is joy at wjz traffic control. not finding anything southbound 95 or 100. the speed sensors are famous. they're averaging on the outer loop parkville into towson, 64 now. looking great down the entire west side. averaging gusts of 65 miles an hour. go now if you're heading toward ocean city or the beach. it's looking great. not a delay. and it looks like 97 at the
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beltway. looking good beltway 40 not a delay. back to you, don. mike is he russell street coliseum. this movie thing in the big venue. we started it with i will italy and now they're doing in federal hill and now to the football stadium. >> reporter: the cool part and fun to see one of these things outside. i like the idea is that the guy that owns the program was saying that we have 8,000 ravens and rookies. but when we do events, 200 or show we can hand d how about we do something for a larger crowd is this so they're expecting 2,000 people tonight because they're going to bring the -- the raven rookies are going to thing beerier friends and
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family and see madagascar on the big screen. take a look at the big field. some raven party animals are set free inside the confines of ravens stadium. up on the big screen, the ravens are showing madagascar. they can bring their friends and parents. one of which is cindy browning. >> kids don't like to sit still. if they can run around and watch a movie, it's a night out. >> reporter: so it's not about the kids at all. >> it's like a date. it's almost a date night. >> reporter: you can hang out and where can they go? >> they can run around. >> reporter: why aren't you tagging us? did i mention that you can run around on the field at the 50. so not only is the movie up on the big screen, the audio is going to be pump the through the massive speakers through the stadium.
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>> you have to be a rookies member. you have to buy a ticket. it's $6. we're accepting people saturday before the event. but the lines will be long. >> reporter: where else can you run the field and race kids and dive into the end zone? i dove into the end zone and i didn't hurt myself. it's pretty soft down there, actually. >> it's not too bad. >> reporter: this is marcus. how did i do? >> you did pretty good. >> reporter: you expect 2,000 people. do you have to be a member pf ravens rookies to be in? >> that's right. we sold over 2,000 tickets. you can sign up on line and become a ravens rookie member
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and get your tickets. we have a premembership and paid membership. the paid membership comes along with additional items. but either or you get to come to movie night. >> reporter: and people can do walkup ticket sales on the west side of the stadium what happens if the rain comes down and the creeks rise? >> we'll work hard all day to keep the rain away. >> reporter: let me know how that goes. >> movie night is still going to go on. >> reporter: rain or shine? >> yes. >> reporter: i love you guys you know why? it's the nfl and it's football. we'll move people up to the club level. >> reporter: move them up to the club level? i forgot. the kids. right. >> i guess the best advice, if you don't have your tickets yet, sign up on line, bat
6:22 am present out your confirmation receipt. >> reporter: and you get in that way. otherwise, there may be long lines for the walkups tonight? >> yes. >> reporter: thanks for coming out here. it seems leak a good deal. i have to check our schedule and work it with all the various scheduling committees to see if i'm allowed to come. thanks and good luck tonight. i hope it goes well. >> in other words, you can go there and watch a cartoon like a raven? >> reporter: you could go there and watch a cartoon like a raven. i'm broadcasting like a raven. >> that's exactly right. there you go. that like a raven is taking off. >> i like it you see it all over the newsroom. >> isn't that the truth? wjz great prostate challenge continues this
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weekend. there's another free prostate cancer screening sunday from 9:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. for more information, i suggest
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good morning. 26 minutes after the hour. and the first warning doppler radar active with shower activity to the west. it looks like it's moving along the lines of mountains to the northeast. buts is slowly but surely starting to press in our direction. we'll have periods of season and heavy thunderstorm in the afternoon and we could have a shower just about anytime. almost 80 and very muggy right now. yet to come on this morning edition... >> reporter: reaction to the release of the pan am flight 103 bomber to his native libba. we'll have reaction from a woman that lost her daughter on that ill-fated flight. is it a friendly friday in i'll tell you coming up next.
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all right. going home or going into some homes. people magazine is going into some homes. and the editor from the highly popular publication is going to take us behind the scenes how the country stars live. you stay tuned. the wjz witness news continues right after this.
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it's uncomfortably warm and humid at 6:30 as this ship leaves the harbor. sharon off today. and joy is in instead. marty is at first warning doppler radar weather. >> was that leaving or coming in? >> i thought it was leaving. >> i can't figure out where it would be leaving to. the tug is turning it away from what would be the exit. maybe going into seger over there. >> somebody is working. >> anyway, how would you like to pull that big boy up to the
6:31 am
fuel dock and say top it off. >> no, thank you. it's steamy and almost 80. humid and muggy. and through the day, we're going to keep the chance for showers and thundershower in the forecast. primarily afternoon and evening overnight and through tomorrow morning potentially gusty thunderstorm or heavy downpours. on the way to 90. 85 and potentially problematic weather this evening. and tier guide you on the way is joy. hot and quiet. it looks like a good ride n we're having you 7 miles all the way into -- 57 all the way into towson, can't fiend a delay. a slowdown on the white marsh boulevard. a little lighter than normal. beltway at liberty road on the right side of the screen also looking great. this report is brought to you
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by toyota. choose from 16 different models. click on was it heat exhaustion or something else? that is the question that many are asking this morning after more than a dozen players and coach collapsed during an afternoon football practice yesterday t happened at kent island high school in queen anne's county. mary bubala is live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. varsity high school football players and coaches were treated for heat related symptoms. because because they were all sick at the very same time, some are questioning whether it was heat related or something else. a chaotic scene on the football field as more than a dozen players suddenly fall i will. the high number of illnesses fosters another fear, an emergency medical team starts checking for the possibility that the sick were exposed to
6:33 am
hazardous materials or any other chemicals. >> at this time we do not have word on a hazmat issue. they all peer to have had heat related symptoms. that is common in this type of weather. >> reporter: the team has been on the field in less than an hour in the sweltering conditions. >> all the sudden i saw like 12 guys lined up against the she had over there and they were on their knees slowing up and stuff. and i saw a couple throw up. and then all the ambulances came and everything. >> reporter: 12 players were taken to area hospitals and other players were kept inside the school for observation. parents that rushed to the scene are not sure what to make of the situation. >> it's concerning. we don't know what it is. so it's a bit scary. we don't know any information other than that right now. >> reporter: hopefully we'll get some more answers today what made the players and the coaches sick.
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all were treated and releaseed from the hospital. there's new information about a recent fatal plane crash here. the ultralight engine stopped before the cash and the propeller was not turning with it came down. they say that the fuel may have been contaminated. it killed the two people on board. did a law lawmaker violate ethic when he involved the police and a marriage proposal. delegate carddin came under fire after involving city police in his proposal. they want to know if he abused his power as a lawmaker. he has apologized for the incident. all wounds are ripped open anew as the man convicted in the pan am flight 103 bombing is released from prison. 270 people died in the cash, including a maryland college student. this morning her mother speaks with kai jackson with what she
6:35 am
calls a whole new injustice to the bombing victims' families. >> reporter: abdel baset al- megrahi left school land a free man. he returnd to his native libba and received a hero's welcome. it has sparked worldwide outrage. >> this man was convicted of the largest mass murder on british soil and he was allowed to go free. >> reporter: he reportedly has an advantaged stage of prostate cancer. >> our justice system demands that judgment imposed but compassion be available. >> there's no closure when you lose your only child. >> reporter: that is not acceptable to rosemary miles. her daughter was 20 years old and on that i will fated
6:36 am
flight. a suitcase bomb exploded downing the 737 on december 21st, 1988 killing, 270 people. >> he's saying that the life and comfort of one state sponsored terrorist is worth more than the lives of all 270 innocent victims. >> reporter: abdel baset al- megrahi a former libban intelligence officer, only served eight years of a 27-year- old sentence. >> he want to make sure that he's not welcomed back in some way but should be under house arrest. >> reporter: adding to the outrage, the son of the leader actually greeted abdel baset al- megrahi as he left the plane in libba. kai jackson reporting. secretary of state hillary clinton is also condemning the release saying that she is
6:37 am
deeply disappointed. disappointed -- $300 million stem lus money is given to the harbor to produce cleaner tug boats. this man says he is alive today because there were nurses and defibrillator on the scene. >> reporter: 50-year-old kent jest tear were working together. he was up there and his wife was on the ground and something went ground. >> at about ten feet off the ground i felt dizzy. and my wife was behind me and i never got take. i passed out before i could say anything indicating that i needed to rest. >> reporter: she began to wonder what was wrong. >> at first i didn't know that he had passed out.
6:38 am
i thought he just slipped. and then he wasn't making any effort to get back on the wall. so i started lowering hip. >> reporter: what happened here was part miracle and part great planning and execution. the right people just happened to be here at the right time to offer mediate care. but had there not been an aed on the premises, the chances that kent would have died are great. experienced climber and veteran nurse was nearby so was this nurse. they both spraying into action. >> we lowered him to the ground and we both checked for a pulse. there was no pulse. so we started chest compressions and yelled call 911 and grabbed the aed. >> make sure your people know where it is and how to use it. >> this miracle is only 3% heart attack victims is revived
6:39 am
after attacks. so kent is truly lucky to be alive. the pretty makes another push for the healthcare debate. the president called for a real debate on thish uniform one issue that democrats are not backing down from is a government-run insurance option. >> i agree with the president that public option was the best way to keep the insurance companies honest. let me say it another way. there's no bill that i can pass a bill in the house of representatives without a public option. >> nancy pilosi insist that's a new public insurance plan is essential. but republicans almost universally oppose it. the ravens take on the new york jets on monday night. but some familiar faces will be watching from the sidelines.
6:40 am
demetrius williams will be back. terrell suggs won't be playing either. he's recovering from an injured left he'll at the moment. and the idea is to come out of exhibition -- the preseason healthy. if they are not a hundred percent, why would you want to get yourself hurt? >> i understand pretty. >> do we have a real monday night game this year? >> i don't think we do. i'll check. i was looking at the schedule the other day. >> i take it one month at a time. at this time of the year start gets busy enough that you start living it one week at a time. if we don't are any night games, it won't kill me. we used to say the nfl hates you the. and then we had all the night games. darn you got to get up the next day. >> yep. >> it would not bodily injury
6:41 am
they are me at all. would it bother you if we never had a night game? give us that 1:00 start. >> is he checking the schedule right now? >> yes. that's the smallest schedule i've ever seen in my life. you know what a fan is. a fan is when you keep a schedule on your keys. >> and a young man that can read that. our general manager called in. we have two monday night games here on wjz. >> but they're both away games. you say honey, i'm going away with the boys to the game. on tuesday morning we'll put up with it. i'll give anybody out there a hundred points if you can read
6:42 am
that. that's unbelievable. here you go. let's move along. it's good to know newman is watching. >> there's the public library card. that is a cool thing. coming up with coffee, people magazine has the new issue out where the country stars live. you can see how show business carries on the day to day living. we'll take you there. sharon has got traffic. we have had traffic this morning. will we have problems this morning? we'll buckle down and
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showers are moving northwest to the southeast. i'm going to look at this in a second. it looks like a shower popped up near mount airy near i70 it's warm and humid. i mean it is muggy. 78 downtown, 79 in elkton and washington d.c. and packs river and easton, 78 hagerstown, 83 ocean city, 73 cumberland, 68 in oakland, 76 in westminster
6:46 am
and bel air. 80 rock hall and 78 in kent island, 79 in washington d.c. and here's the front moving our way and the shower activity breaking out ahead of the front. tomorrow in the low 80s because of the showers and clouds. you'll notice that it was cooler yesterday. this is hurricane bill. tess a category 3 right now. 125-mile-an-hour winds. you look at that front. that will be here today and tomorrow weather. it will move offshore and steers bill away from the continental united states. today 93 will be the high and we could have a passing shower and possibility of a heavy thunderstorm. 72 overnight. sunday the best of the weekend days and beautiful as we move into next week.
6:47 am
any problems on the pavement? here's joy. i'm not finding any. it's still fine and dandy. enjoy. spread your wings there. a moderate roll. about 15 minutes down the entire west side 745. not a bad ride at all and not a bad ride southbound 95. that is the heaviest traffic that i'm finding. i'm finding a little bit of a lag and slow down heading into the for the mchenry tunnel. a nice shot at the key bridge. this report is brought to you by toyota. click on real quick, we have monday night football. we're your digital daddy. monday december the seventh
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both monday night games. you'll fiend -- find them right here on wjz tv. maggie murphy, welcome to the "wjz eyewitness news" morning edition. so you were just in nashville yesterday. >> working on this issue. >> i was in nashville yesterday. we had a party, people country with miranda lambert. she has a big cotton pain. so we threw a party for miranda. she has a new album coming out. what a nice, nice girl. a great family. >> she's married to blake shelton. >> she's not married. >> okay. they're living in sin. but they are one of nashville's hottest couples. >> they are. and she said -- we did an
6:49 am
interview, she said when she's on the road did, like right now she's in the road with kenny chesney. she calls blake, calls her boyfriend. and that are a great couple. i think that he makes her laugh. and blake a prankster, a bit of a jokester. sew makes her laugh. just and adorable couple. >> over your shoulder is reba mcintire. you know what is amazing how huge a star reba is. she's still worthy of the cover of people magazine. >> this is and exciting time for her. she's got a new album. these back in nashville and she opened up the doors to her house, which had is a gorgeous house but very comfortable and very real. and she's making her way back on the country charts. there's a lot of young country talent out. she has a new album out in a
6:50 am
matter of days. i think she's eager to see how she does with these girls half her age, girls that she respects. >> you have the stars' houses in here. people are excited to find out how the stars live. why are we so interested? >> i think we're curious. if you love a star, you love their music and you want to see what inspires them. so a lot what inspires them is their family. and we meet a lot of their family. we neat kenny rodgers's family. we hear about the struggles like kenny wayne. he was homeless. his mom was not a great mom. he grew up basically as a foster kid. he bought a house and it means so many to him that he has a place to call home and that's just a story, it doesn't matter if you're a country fan or not,
6:51 am
you can relate to that, the sense of what a home means shall especially in these hard times. i think that is partly also why country stars are so big because you can always relate to the stories behind them. >> one of the biggest stories is darius rucker, who is frequently in baltimore right now. >> what did you hear about his house in. >> i'm telling you right now, i think he's poised to be the next country music star. his crossover appeal is like anything i've ever seen in country music. >> he's a fantastic performer. he's a great performer. i saw him down at fan fest. he was amazing. >> tell marty about his house, though. >> his house is gorgeous. he basically has the same house
6:52 am
he's lived in for 13 years. so fame has not changed him that much. he's got three kids. but he has a room six tvs to watch every football game that you want. college, pro. you got to get yourself an invitation. >> you know, everybody think that's because of tweeter and face book, the world has learned to multi-task. guys have been able to multi- task for years. it all involves watching multiple games. >> i think that's where you need to spend super bowl sunday, hanging out with darius. >> i'm going to call him right now. thank you very much for being with us. i know you had a rough travel day yesterday. and you look very bright this morning. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll talk to you later.
6:53 am
go back to that website. i'm telling you, you mark my words, this guy is the next -- first off, he's a star to begin with. he's taking the world of
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we have shower activity to the west. it's a good indication that it's going to get a bit ripe. take a look at the forecastment we're in the upper 70s and go for a high of of 90. a shower at any time. and now over to joy and the wjz traffic control. rush hour, i'm not finding one. the if news is only within
6:56 am
accident working minor. looking great on southbound 95 and white marsh boulevard. no problems on the key bridge or the inner or outer loop. stay with wjz 12, your tv news station. stay with wjz 12, your tv news station. hurron car insurance.s
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